Subscription Retention Services

Our expert subscription retention call handling services will ensure your customers receive a world-class, full brand extension customer experience that keeps them coming back for more; leading to increased revenue and upsell opportunities.

Subscription Retention Call Handling

We offer flexible and scalable inbound and outbound call handling services that can reduce your costs and significantly improve your customer retention, first contact resolution, ROI and net promoter score through our expert, multi-skilled teams.

Omni-Channel Services

Our multi-channel contact centre services will enable your members to communicate round-the-clock through their channel of choice, whether that is phone, e-mail, live chat, social media, SMS or IVR; delivering a totally integrated customer experience.

Marketing and Fulfilment Services

Through our end-to-end customer experience solutions, we also have the expertise to deliver scalable fulfilment services and timely marketing communications that keep customers satisfied and feeling valued; particularly during surges in cyclical demand.

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Your Benefits

Outsourcing your call centre services to GFM, the UK’s proven industry leader for over 30 years, will provide you with many benefits including; greater flexibility, enhanced efficiencies, reduced costs and improved quality.

Why Choose GFM?

What our clients say

We have received invaluable support from GFM for over 10 years. They always deliver the absolute highest level of call handling services.

GFM exceeded both our expectations and targets in recruiting new partners for our renowned Clubcard scheme with their B2B telemarketing services.

We chose GFM because of their extensive experience and proven track record of providing excellent call handling services.