Donation Processing

Specialising in efficient and secure donation processing, our BPO services ensure your charitable contributions are handled with the utmost care, transparency, and accuracy to maximise impact.

Efficiency and Accuracy

Choose us for Donation Processing; swift and precise handling minimises errors and delays, which in turn enhances donor satisfaction, trust, and organizational efficiency

Security and Compliance

Our expertise in stringent security and compliance measures ensure donor data protection and legal adherence, fostering trust and confidence from your donors.

Transparency and Reporting

Clients choose us for the clear, detailed reports we provide, offering insights, fostering trust and demonstrating responsible management practices.

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What our clients say

We have always been pleased with the excellent service that GFM provides. It is vital that our donations are processed efficiently and accurately, GFM always supports us in achieving this, with donations on their end being handled swiftly and accurately, which is vital in helping us to deliver a smooth and streamlined supporter experience.

GFM have seamlessly delivered countless prize promotions on our behalf including sourcing the prizes and delivering them.

At all levels everyone at GFM involved with the Daily Mail acts as a partner, not just a service provider. They are always very proactive in suggesting areas of improvement to maximize value for money and ways to improve the experience for our customers.