Contact Centre Services

Working in close partnership with you to deliver the highest quality, full brand extension customer experience. Our expert UK call centre outsourcing and call handling services will ensure your company stays at the forefront of customer communication.

call centre services

Call Handling Services

Flexible and scalable inbound call handling and outbound call handling services that will significantly reduce your costs, enhance your efficiencies and increase ROI through our award-winning, expert, multi-skilled teams.

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Omni-Channel Services

Multi-channel contact centre services enabling your customers to communicate through their channel of choice, whether that is phone, e-mail, live chat or social media; delivering a totally integrated customer experience.

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Automated Comms

Interactive voice response (IVR) and short message service (SMS) communications that will deliver simple yet highly effective customer interactions on your behalf through our experienced team and high spec technology.

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Subscription Retention Services

Our expert subscription retention call handling services will ensure your customers receive a world-class, full brand extension customer experience that keeps them coming back for more.

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Your Benefits

Outsourcing your contact centre services to GFM, the UK’s proven industry leader for over 30 years, will provide you many benefits including; enhanced efficiencies, reduced costs, greater flexibility and improved quality.

Why Choose GFM?

What our clients say

GFM has consistently gone above and beyond its duty to deliver the highest quality contact centre services to our readership for almost 30 years.

GFM has been critical to our annual telethon success by reliably handling, recording and processing people’s donations through their automated services.

Our premium rate competitions have been successfully managed by GFM for over 10 years, delivering Omni-channel solutions that we can rely on.